project hu is a network which primarily focuses on providing a platform and creating opportunities for Hungarian creative professionals based around the world. Since its conception as hu-Hungarian Touring Exhibition in 2018, we have been working to build the foundation for an initiative that facilitates cultural exchange and artistic research through facilitating virtual and real artistic endeavours.

The Project hu x HOXTON 253 residency will provide young Hungary-based artists to come and work in London UK and experience the international art scene without boundaries. The residency is funded by the Hungarian Cultural Centre, London and is organized in collaboration with HOXTON 253. The month-long programme will include a studio space, that will be shared with an artist local to the London area. It will also provide opportunity to develop professionally with the guidance of two creative professionals.

Mapping, building bridges and strengthening connections have never been more important. In recent years the mobility of (creative) people within Europe has become so fragile, residency programs such as the one of project hu could mean a lot to those seeking new forms and platforms for artistic expression abroad.

Our aim first and foremost is to facilitate artistic growth. In this regard, the goal to project hu is to provide a safe and boundless hub in which artists can experiment new approaches and ideas.

In the long run, the goal is to expand the scope of project hu for an even broader hub that supports creative endeavours and facilitates Hungarian and international networking.

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