Upcoming online show by Hungarian artists Oddkin and Mári Mákó based in The Netherlands. The virtual exhibition will run alongside the launch party pop-up show happening at Hoxton 253 that has now been postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The pop-up will include artists Márton Nemes, Ariel Helyes and Oddkin. Follow this space for updates

Visual excerpt from HOLD

(live multidisciplinary performance)



Mári Mákó – HOLD concept, music composition

Oddkin – visual narrative


Mári Mákó composer had the vision to bring on stage the processes of existential transformations. Together with Oddkin duo and Fazle Shairmahomed performance artist, they explored the notion of everlasting development of oneself and to reflect on the challenge of holding one’s ground in times of crisis. Through visual storytelling, sensory dance and spatial (multichannel) electroacoustic music they presented an hour-long multidisciplinary performance called HOLD, performed in 2019 at iii The Hague.


In this Visual excerpt (part 1) Oddkin researches how birth, rebirth and fertility symbols, metaphors resemble and tells different stories across cultures, mythologies, science and art. They gathered a collection of signs, patterns, fossils, bodies, objects and artworks, from which they rediscovered the art of still life, its urgency and relevance in our apocalyptic times. For the first part of the performance, they rendered eight different digital still life compositions that all in some way represent the “silence before the storm”. The metaphor of “silent scream” or “motionless fall”, or “the preparation before the eruption” resemble the psychological transformation hidden behind the digital still life moving images. 


As a music composition, in the first part of the piece, Mári Mákó was focusing on shaping the balance between calmness and unity of oneself through sonic textures. The sound world can be described as drony, ambient which creates a warm atmosphere. The aim is to create a resting point; the start of a journey. This was reflecting on the digital still life images of Oddkin, the subtle transformation of phases. The instrumentation is focused on zither, sine waves, self build oscillators and vocals which are slowly contrasting traditional and contemporary music techniques and aesthetics to build the confrontation of past selves with the future ones. 




HOLD, live performance at iii, Den Haag, NL,

Screenshot from video documentation

Oddkin is a formation of Márton Kabai and Natela Lemondzhava, artist, designer, researcher duo founded in 2018, based in The Hague, NL. Their hybrid practice shifts between investigative and metaphoric approaches through forensics and intuition that unfolds in critical storytelling. They embrace our complex times and attempt to learn and unlearn, design and undesign radical visions and craft critical maps to de-center the human status-quo. They formulate their research in forms of books, games, videos, workshops, installations, and live performances. They are active in exhibiting, lecturing, facilitating different forms of workshops as well as collaborating with various fields of cultures and disciplines.



Mári Mákó  (HU) is a composer, electronic musician, sound artist and performer. Her unique sound world has been described as a mix of ur-industrial music, experimental electronic and contemporary classical music contrasted with drone textures. It is created with the use of live electronics in combination with voice, specially adapted zithers and other acoustic sound sources; often in conjunction with several “performative tools” and electronic devices of her own creation. As a composer she has worked together with ensembles such as: Maze Ensemble, But What About ensemble and Klang ensemble.