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The project hu x HOXTON 253 Residency is a collaborative venture between project hu and HOXTON 253 art project space supported by the Hungarian Cultural Centre, London. We are aiming to provide at least two fine artists the opportunity to immerse in a hands-on, but semi-digital intensive month-long art residency. The shared studio program will accommodate a Hungarian as well as a London based artist. After the mentored residency program in August, the selected artists are also awarded the opportunity to exhibit at HOXTON 253 in September 2020.

Joonhong Min

Joonhong Min.jpg

Photo by Mirko Boffelli

The Past is not done with you, 110.5(w)c
Urban Methodology, 220(w)cm x 320(h)cm,

Joonhong Min (b.1984, Korea) is a contemporary artist who lives and works in London and Seoul. He received a BFA and MFA in painting from Seoul National University (2014) and an MFA with Distinction in Fine Art Media from SLADE School of Fine Art, University College London (2016). His solo exhibitions include: 'Future's Present' at SPACE Gallery and 'Urban Camouflage' at Stone Space Gallery, London, UK (2018), ‘Embellishing Ephemerality’ at The Flying Dutchman Play Space Gallery, London, UK (2017) and ‘Urban Methodology’ at The Consulate of South Korea Project Space, Milan, Italy (2016). He recently had a duo show ‘Rendered Reality’ at the Korean Cultural Centre UK, London, UK (2020) and finished the NARS foundation AIR programme in New York, USA (2019) and completed The London Summer Intensive Residency Programme at the Camden Art Centre, London, UK (2018). In 2016 he participated in the Jerwood Drawing Prize and in 2015 the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize, London, UK.

Károly Tendl

Károly Tendl (b. 1989, Budapest) lives and works in London. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2019 with an MA in Contemporary Art Practice: Critical Practice, and previously studied Contemporary Media Practice at the University of Westminster.  


He works with text, the emergence and dislocation of culture and identity, sound, new and old ideologies, dark nostalgia, speculative prose and installation. Károly fictions around the ideas of the urban and rural, planetary periphery and centre, and often around some of the shared sensibilities under oppressive regimes among the European non-homogenous working classes, the uncomfortable weight of class mobility and the dull sword of cultural capital.

0003 The Membrane. Latex, steel, speaker

Nóra Teplán

0004 Text to go with the works of Genevi

Photo by Máté Csengery

Nóra Teplán (b. 1990, Budapest) lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. She started her studies in Sociology at the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences, while she later applied to the painting department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.
Teplán’s minimalist monochrome works are the imprints of a subjective interpretation of existence indicating contemplation from diverse perspectives. With the use of different mediums – paintings, objects and texts – re-cognition and disintegration, reconstruction and obedience are in the focus of her works. Besides an extremely strong subjectivity and intuitive method of creation – there is a sort of scientific, recording-systematizing attitude, by which she seeks to grasp seemingly ephemeral associations and fantasies. Her image-based paintings remain to symbolize (post-)painterly strategies by combining abstraction and minimalism with the use of advanced techniques that creates an array of intensities.
During her academic years she joined the Budapest based artist-run gallery and artist collective, MŰTŐ, and in 2020 she became the artistic director of Erika Deák Gallery, Budapest.

Nora Teplan, Interlude series, On the Su

Photo by Mirko Boffelli

About us:

project hu is run by artist and curator András Nagy-Sandor and research fellow Zsuzsanna Zsúró. The primary focus of the initiative is to provide a platform and create opportunities for Hungarian creative professionals based around the world to map and facilitate cultural exchange. Since its conception as hu-Hungarian Touring Exhibition in 2018, we have been working to build an international network with the long-term goal to expand the scope of Project hu for an even broader hub that supports creative endeavours and promotes Hungarian and international collaborations.


HOXTON 253 is an artist-run gallery and project space, providing a cultural event space in the heart of Hoxton.

Our aim is to use art to act as a cultural bridge between national and international artists as well as within the local community, bringing established and newcomer local residents in the area together. We run a diverse program of exhibitions, experimental projects, workshops, events and screenings. Through our community outreach projects we also aim to provide culturally valuable creative activities to both the younger and older generations. We nurture local, national and international creative talents, provide accessible exhibition space, and build a community of artists and visitors with the objective to provoke critical dialogue within contemporary culture and society.

Our doors are open to all, and for the purpose of accessibility our programs are primarily free of charge.

The Hungarian Cultural Centre, London organises and supports a wide spectrum of innovative and traditional programmes to promote Hungarian art and artists in the UK. As a member of the worldwide network of Hungarian cultural institutions, it aims to bring the greatest achievements in Hungarian art and culture to international attention while encouraging collaborations between Hungarians and people in the UK.